Thursday, April 26, 2018

5x7 Canvas Traveler's Notebook ~ Canvas Corp Brands Crew

I love Traveler's Notebook style journals! You can create a gorgeous cover to hold your notebooks - and when the notebook is full you just swap it for a new one! I used Canvas Corps' 5x7 Canvas Portfolio and altered it so that it would function as a Traveler's Notebook cover. The portfolio comes with one heavy duty elastic already inside, but I removed it and added eyelets and elastic - and now it can hold two (or more) 5x7 journals.
I decorated the cover my decoupaging torn pieces from a Paris-themed Napkin to the front and back cover and then I added some Canvas Corp green burlap layered with some ivory lace in a band around the bottom of the cover. I created an embellishment for the front of the cover by layering some cheesecloth, Canvas Corp ivory burlap, Canvas Corp Black on Ivory Cardstock and a cut-out from the Canvas Corp Bon Voyage Red & Ivory French Sayings paper. I did lots of machine stitching on the layered elements to add some extra detail.
7 Gypsies has amazing Starter Blank Journals that fit perfectly inside the 5x7 portfolio cover - so I added a Kraft journal inside, which will be great for art journalling on-the-go. I also made my own blank writing journal insert using some Canvas Corp Black and Ivory Fleur de Lis Paper and some ivory linen paper I had at home. It was easy to make the extra journal insert - I just used the 7 Gypsies journal as a template, cut my papers to size and then stitched them to the patterned paper cover!
And, because a traveler's journal isn't useful unless you have a pen handy, I used a wire bulldog clip and glued a black elastic loop to it to create a pen holder that can clip to the journal cover. A cute fleur-de-lis charm on a pin finishes off the clip!

Canvas Corp Brands Materials Used:
Canvas Corp - Canvas Portfolio 5x7
Canvas Corp - Scraps of Fabric
Canvas Corp - Printed Cardstock - Black on Ivory Paper
7 Gypsies - Starter Blank Journal - Kraft 5x7
Canvas Corp - Black and Ivory Fleur De Lis Rev Paper
Canvas Corp -Bon Voyage: Red & Ivory French Sayings Paper

From my Stash:
Lace, Cheesecloth, Paris Napkin, Mod Podge, Black Elastic, Eyelets, Bulldog Clip, Bulb Pin, Fleur de Lis Charm, Fabric Glue

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